Ask Ann: Why Do My Hips Pop And Snap?

Ask Ann

Hi Ann!

Thank you for your post on snapping knees.

I got a question about odd popping/snapping senses in my personal hip.

I got an issue that happens sometimes with a weird feeling of muscle or a tendon rubbing my hip joint over on one side whenever I run or walk. In addition, it makes a snapping or popping sound.

It does feel odd and occasionally makes me hesitate when I ‘m performing specific exercises, although it does not cause pain.

Is this something I should get checked out? Is there anything I may do to prevent this weirdness?

Thanks so much,


Thank you for writing, Julianna.

This really is really a standard problem that I get questions about, so I am happy to address it!

First, let us begin with all the human body of the hip. The hip is a ball and socket joint, with the “ball” being formed by the head of the femur as well as the “socket” being the acetabulum of the pelvis.

It’s a more secure, deeper joint than the shoulder, and is surrounded by muscles that hold the ball in the socket, along with go the hip in all ways.