Some advice to have splendid dates

sam-and-millyHey there, good to see you here. Today we’re going to talk about the concept of first dates. I do not have first dates nowadays because they don’t interest me anymore, what I normally do when I meet a girl is charm her like no man has charmed her before, then I tell her how incredible I’m gonna be in the future. After that I talk about the awesome things my friends and I are constantly doing; then I don’t tell her to join us do that awesome things. Eventually she’s going to want in and until she’s actually into it, I tell her she can come.

You now must be frustrated on what to do on a date, but your frustration should be focused on what you should never do. You should NEVER worry about what to say or do.

It doesn’t matter if you are meeting your date at a fancy restaurant or at a bar for whatever reason; if you are constantly interacting with her you will never wonder what to say next and she will become more attractive to you day after day: tease her, make fun of other people together, without hurting anyone of course, tell her funny stories; it’s true that going into deeper rapport with her is very important, but that comes later. Also check out The Social Man’s Girlfriend Activation System Review for some great tips too!

Things you might want to say on a first date

You need to make a girl attracted to you before anything happens, she doesn’t need to like you to be attracted for you. The simplest way to make a girl feel attracted to you is to keep the interaction cool and enjoyable; for example, you can tease her about something while making a relaxed eye contact and a devilish smile on your face, and she won’t hold her pants on.

We’ve finally arrived to the most important point in this article: first dates. Every time you go out on a first date, do not worry about anything, it’s really simple, believe me. There are lots of things to make things to work on your favor, just like, as I’ve been telling you, keep the interaction cool and enjoyable. Something that worked great for me was walking around with her. A cool play you can do is ask her to meet you at your place and then go walk somewhere or do whatever you want to do with her. When you have finished your cool and enjoyable date, going back to your place will no longer be a fear or an insecurity to her because she has already seen it before, it’s tricky but incredibly effective.images

For an awesome decoration of your place, I recommend books on your coffee table like an interactive book (preferably a book with weird name), this will trigger curiosity in her and will make her feel more attracted to you.